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Why Choose Us Oulian supply chain management Co., Ltd was established in Mar 2008, it was initially founded as a logistics company for shoes product exportation to USA market, due to the shoes business trend development during the past ten years in China, we have been expanding our business from a international logistics to one multi-service trading company in south part of China. We combined the offer and and supply chain services together in order to provide full way service to customers.

Hot Products

    • Leather Chemicals Export from Brazil to China

      Leather Chemicals Export from Brazil to China

      Leather consumption is one kind of raw material used in manufacture industrial for leather shoes and handbag factory. All these reasons bring the chances for overseas leather chemicals export came to and set up their tannery in China to produce leathers to supply leather industrial production needs.

    • Milk Powder Export To China

      Milk Powder Export To China

      The reputation of Chinese domestic milk powder in the market is not good, so many families choose to buy imported milk powder. The competition for milk powder export to China is also very fierce, so finding a suitable agency can quickly enter the Chinese market and gain greater profits.