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Dongguan Oulian Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd

Why Choose Us Oulian supply chain management Co., Ltd was established in Mar 2008, it was initially founded as a logistics company for shoes product exportation to USA market, due to the shoes business trend development during the past ten years in China, we have been expanding our business from a international logistics to one multi-service trading company in south part of China. We combined the offer and and supply chain services together in order to provide full way service to customers....


    • Supply Chain Consulting

      Supply Chain Consulting

      The owner - Connie Jiang has been specialized in international trading and logistics business for more than 20 years, Oulian company has been established 10 years. From these years' experience we have training our supply chain service team in a very professional level to meet your satisfaction on service level.

    • Export LC Working Procedure

      Export LC Working Procedure

      When the exporter requires funds before due date then he can discount or negotiate the L/C with the negotiating bank. The negotiating bank bears the risk associated with the document that sometimes arises when the issuing bank discover discrepancies in the documents and refuses to honor its commitment on the due date.

    • Supply Chain Warehouse

      Supply Chain Warehouse

      We can do Labeling, Sticking, Exchange carton, Goods inspections, Change package materials and Exchange cartons. And further process without machines can be provided. We have a group of fixed people (women) can do the handwork.

    • Sea Freight from China to Ethiopia

      Sea Freight from China to Ethiopia

      All goods for Ethiopia are accepted on transit basis and the amount of storage period allowed is limited. If consignees fail to clear their cargo timely, the port may confiscate the unlearned goods. Direct Delivery Cargoes are goods that have to be discharged from ship on to trucks for direct transport to final destinations.