Advanced payment to customers

- Jun 19, 2018-

In international trading, it is normal to ask for the agent to make advanced payment to customers because of the shortage of funds, but only if there is a letter of credit as guarantee. The L/C services in Oulian have professional advanced payment service to customers, which can solve the problem of shortage of customer's capital chain.


Oulian company promise customers to send goods but would not charge any relevant fees to the consignor. Instead, Oulian company will pays bills for the consignor at first, and then we receive the consignee’s proof of receipt after the goods are delivered to the destination. In the end we charge related fees to customers.

Of course, our advanced payment to customers is conditional, we have two basic conditions:

1. Advanced payment need to be made under the letter of credit

A letter of credit refers to a written certificate issued by a bank to the seller according to the buyer's request to bear the liability for payment of the payment of the goods.

The letter of credit can guarantee that our company will receive payment after the transaction. The opening of the letter of credit may be somewhat troublesome, but it can enable us to completely trust the customers.

2. Goods Guaranty

The consignor’s goods must not only meet the consignee's requirements, but also the transportation documents must be complete. The goods must be stored in warehouses of Oulian company, and the transportation documents must be submitted to us timely and completely, such as: bills of lading, packing lists, invoices, booking number, etc., otherwise it will cause inconvenience to the transportation which may affect the transaction.