Basic knowledge of freight forwarding novice veteran must-see

- Jul 12, 2018-

1, CY-FO Terms: FO can be interpreted as Free Out or Free Over side = Free Overboard is intended for the shipping companies (Carrier) is not responsible for the unloading fee POD. 
Commonly used in this provision to the Middle East, West Asia, the region's secluded port of Kaohsiung (Side ports "creek"); such as: Haifa Haifa, Ashdod Esidude (The above two are Israel Israel, Hong Kong), Izmir Izmir (Turkey ), Istanbul Istanbul (Turkey), Beirut Beirut (Lebanon Lebanon), Benghazi Benghazi (Libyan Libya, on the way the West: the Mediterranean West Bank). Another CY-TKL (= CY-TACKLE) = CY-Hook (Note: tackle sling → hook; hook cargo hook, hook), side (boat) side delivery, shipping company is not responsible for unloading charges. And CY-FO is similar to CY-FO is used for the Middle East, West Asia. 

Note: The small number of companies also CY-LO terms (such as H & T) with CY-FO is similar, but used a different name for. A small part of the hide, CY-LO is suitable for bulk cargo to the port of unloading after the fight counter fees and terminal charges, fees, opening the container regardless of Carrier Yi Gai. 

2, "two-to pay": means the Forwarder to pay Carrier's O / F (Ocean Freight) and the Shipper ( "Customer") payable to Forwarder of the O / F were to pay the 
"A pre-1 to": means the Forwarder paid to Carrier for the prepaid (pp) mode; the Shipper to pay Forwarder, was to pay the CC (collect). Shipping companies generally do not agree to pay. 

3, the DG (Dangerous Goods, or DC: Dangerous Cargo) to use more "now put" means Alongside Delivery. Also known as "FAS" (referring to the POD side of the boat). DG because many terminals are not allowed in the harbor stay for long. 

4, Via (= by way of = care of = C / O) through: eg ① Shipment from Keelung to NYK via Panama Canal cargo must be carried on from Keelung (TWN) sailed through the Panama Canal or more of the ship NYK's English may also be Writing: Shipment from Keelung via Panama Canal to NYK (NYK in America East) 

② Shipment from Shanghai to Detroit (Detroit, in the United States inland) via LA (in the American West WC) means: in LA train unloading transported to Detroit after the switch to 

③ Shipment from Shenzhen to Seattle (WC) via Land-Bridge (bridge) in bond to Boston (EC). After unloading cargo in the WC by the Seattle Transportation and bonded under the bridge and transported to the EC in Boston (in bond bonded to the bonded way. 
The so-called "bonded" means to withhold pay customs duties until the goods after delivery to the destination " 

④ Shipment from Huangpu to Dallas (Dallas, in the United States inland), Texas (Dallas where the state name) Via OCP Long Beach, Calif. (Long Beach: Yu WC California as the state where LB) Long Beach, unloading the goods in the West Bank After the transport by rail Terms of Use OCP shipped to Dallas 

⑤ Shipment to Pacific Coast via Overland to New York "shipping to the United States and the West Hong Kong by the mainland, land to the NYK) 

5, ① transit goods (cargo): transit goods, re-export goods. Transported from the exporting-importing countries in the process, subject to a third country, the third country concerned, the goods shall be transit goods. Usually: cargo unloaded in accordance with this third country prior approval of the customs bonded mode of transport routes to enter the country destined for the destination. 

② bonded W / H (warehouse): bonded warehouse 
in bond to a bonded transported to the 
bonded bonded shed shed (warehouse) 
bonded value off the stack the value of 

6, "In transit to" Terms and Conditions: Generally, this clause refers to Consignee unclear customs tax in the case of goods to transport, the office of destination at the shipping company will manifest (Manifest) will be allowed on the to see the relevant provisions of this条款. Thus, B / L on the display must have. 

For example: to Arica (Arica) and Iquique (Iquique) (Hong Kong are the two South American country of Chile Chile) of goods. B / L on the Consignee, Notify, port of delivery if it shows in Bolivia who, B / L shall be shown on the "In transit to Bolivia" (Note: Bolivia Bolivia is a landlocked country, adjacent to Chile) 

"In transit to" the original meaning of "transfer to" eg: Shipment from Shenzhen to Arica in transit to Bolivia. B / L on the POL fill Shenzhen; port of discharge to fill Arica; place of delivery fill in Bolivia; Final destination also fill in Bolivia 

7. Mediterranean Base Port in the Mediterranean basic Hong Kong: Milan Milan (Italy), Barcelona Barcelona (Spain), Bilbao Bilbao (Atlantic ports and it is not * the Mediterranean), Genoa Genoa (Italy), Valencia Valencia (Spain ), Istanbul Istanbul (Turkey), La Spezia La Spezia (Italy), Leghorn Livorno (Leghorn) (Italy), Port Said Port Said (Egypt), Alexandria Alexandria (Egypt), Benghazi Benghazi ( Libya Libya), Marseilles Marseille (France) 

8. Wash cabinets are normally four types: Ⅰ) of washing Chemically clean floor; Ⅱ) of water wash water clean; Ⅲ) steam cleaning steam clean; Ⅳ) abrasive wash: glind (grinding) or sand clean write-off column in batches departure date exit number / weight balance of the number / weight verification person