Bonded warehouse on common sense

- Jul 16, 2018-

Bonded warehouse is a bonded system, the most widely used form, is specifically authorized by the Customs bonded goods store dedicated warehouse. Customs bonded warehouse storage of goods allowed to have three categories: First, for processing trade (import and processing) re-export of finished products imported materials and parts; second is the competent authority to carry out foreign trade of foreign goods consignment business, maintenance of foreign products, foreign exchange business and the bonded capital goods duty-free goods market in imported goods; third, storage of goods re-exports of goods and foreign ships on international voyages, as well as the necessary fuel, materials and spare parts such as lining. Public Bonded Warehouse sub-type and self-use type categories. Public-type bonded warehouses set up in accordance with public needs, and available for any person to store goods. Own-type bonded warehouse means that only warehouse operators to store goods in bonded warehouses, but the storage of goods, warehouse operators do not have to belong to all.