Documents required for general trade imports

- Jul 26, 2018-

Documents required for general trade imports

1、   Draft of Import  declaration form: the declaration elements of the goods should be clearly and accurately indicated: such as the code of the goods, the title of the goods, the size of the specifications (average weight per piece) (thickness, sheet, average size), the grade, the degree of processing, Processing or preservation (dry, tanned, hairless, whether or not coated, coated; state (wet, e.g., blue wet, whole / half sheet / back skin / neck, etc.); species (bull, cow, castrated cow, horse); whether or not it originated from wild animals; Variety (whether hairy, full grain uncut or grained); use; grade (head layer TR1 / 2 / 3, second layer A/B/C/D grade); use, country of origin, destination, trademark brand (if licensed, brand name; otherwise, unlicensed, Unlicensed to ensure that the goods themselves and packaging without any brand), the full name of the port of import, mode of transport, and also: license plate, road manifest, imported driver's paper number (six single number) and cabinet number (to ensure that the information provided is correct).


2、  Packing list: ensure that the information provided is correct (in foreign or English duplicate, sealed by foreign merchants)


3、  Invoice: ensure that the information provided is correct  .(foreign language or bilingual duplicate, sealed with foreign stamp)


4、  Contract or manual header and material: ensure that the information provided is correct and that the contract does not contain the Republic of China or the acronym R.O.C. Words and characters (Chinese or English bilingual duplicate, with foreign businessmen, business unit chapter)



5、  Proxy for customs declaration, power of attorney for inspection, Chinese label (all under the seal of business unit), list of ingredients.


6、  Letter of credit, insurance policy or foreign exchange payment voucher.


7、   Certificate of Origin, Foreign Health Certificate, Foreign Quarantine Certificate, Foreign Veterinary Certificate (unified version of official record that is the record of exporting country in China), Import and Export Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine license.


8、  the original bill of lading in triplicate, if the bill of lading need a copy. (bill of lading on the back with the official seal of the consignee), exchange of bills of lading power of attorney (by sea)


9、  Other materials that may be required by customs and commodity inspection: description of trade flow, certificate of no wooden packaging (if there is wooden packaging, whether or not there is IPPC mark), original factory invoice, sales invoice, business license, tax registration certificate, record certificate of commodity inspection, Chinese label audit, filing, etc.


10、              The products will be inspected and transferred to the production factory, most of them will not be sent for inspection but will be inspected. When the port is submitted for inspection, the name of the competent commodity inspection bureau, the contact person for the factory inspection, the telephone number will be provided.


11、              If you need to provide a certificate of origin under the preferential agreement for tariff relief (make sure to have a shipping tracking form for the shipping line, if you transship by Hong Kong or other ports), The inspection company in the port city of transshipment prior to the departure of the container is stamped with an unprocessed certificate. If it is made in Taiwan, it must apply to the Customs and Excise Department for an unprocessed confirmation letter before the container is transferred to Hong Kong.


China Electronic Port Network has signed a paperless declaration with Shenzhen Customs. At the State General Administration of quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the signing of inspection and quarantine is paperless, and the examination and approval is approved. Consignee, consignor food record number, manufacturer record number, self-report record.