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- May 17, 2018-

“No other means of transport has shown the same growth as air freight over the past decades. We are a powerful partner to our customers also in this field - with our innovative air services and our vast and profound experience.”

Air freight consolidation and direct services, charter flights – Oulian Supply Chain air services keep you connected to your procurement and distribution markets around the global.

Our air freight professionals coordinate complex goods transports, prepare and manage the customs clearance processes for your goods, and offer specialized services such as emergency shipments for all of your goods .



Airfreight is the quickest and most reliable transport mode available. We provide a comprehensive range of import and export airfreight services, catering for all the specific requirements for the various types of goods, time restraints and trading nations. Thanks to our extensive global network of agents, we are in a position to offer the most economical transport solutions, combined with fast and efficient communication. We utilize all major airliners, offering direct and indirect flights, consolidation, door-to-door, express traffic, split and full charters. We provide innovative airfreight solutions to your shipping requirements and budgetary guidelines.

Air Freight Terminology


Air Waybill, is a non-negotiable transport document issued by the carrier (Master AWB) or the agent (House AWB), which indicating that the carrier has accepted the goods listed therein and obligates itself to carry the consignment to the airport of destination according to specified conditions.


International Air Transport Association, which supports airline activity and helps formulate industry policy and standards of the world’s airlines.

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
ATD: Actual Time of Departure
ATA: Actual Time of Arrival
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

Dangerous Goods

Commodities classified by IATA according to its nature and characteristic in terms of the effect of its danger to carrier’s flying safety.

Dimensional Weight

Aka Chargeable Weight or Billable Weight. Carrier charge for freight based on the dimensional weight or actual gross weight whichever is higher.

You can count on first class services as well as prompt and personal attention, even during the peak seasons and under the most challenging conditions.



How to calculate airfreight charges ?  ??

Air freight chargeable weight calculation explained

  • 6000      cubic centimeters per kg.

  • 366      cubic inches per kg.

  • 166      cubic inches per lbs (pound).

Example: Volumetric  calculation

Example: Volumetric calculation 1 pallet: 140 x 100 x 90 cm Actual Volume - 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.9 = 1.26 cubic meters Calculating Volumetric Weight 1.26 Cbm Divide / by 0.006 = 210 – This will become the volumetric weight of the shipment in Kilograms.

The actual weight of the pallet may be 150 kgs from which the Airfreight will be charged against the volumetric weight 210 kgs. If the pallets actual weight is 260 Kgs it would be charged against the actual weight of the shipment.

Dimensional Weight

Air cargo rate is calculated by chargeable weight, measurement unit is kilogram. The measurement unit of valuable cargo is 0.1 kg. Chargeable weight is the heavier one between gross weight and dimensional weight.


* If the weight is less than 21 kg, then the minimum chargeable unit is 0.5 kg; If more than 21 kg, then 1 kg.
* To calculate air goods volume L x W x H in inches divided by 366 = weight in kilograms

Please note that air freight is just to-airport delivery. You or the freight agent needs to handle the customs clearance and inland transportation to your warehouse, while courier services such as DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT can be the one stop to-door delivery provider.

Air freight = airport-to-airport
Air courier = door-to-door



Air cargo tracking

Each AWB has its unique number. You can find this number on the head section. By submitting the number on the tracking page of the airline’s official website, all updated tracking information will be available.

The bill format is 2 airline code + 3 numbers as prefix + several numbers. Example, Air China Cargo, CA as the airline code, 999 as prefix.


 Some carriers will provide a free service called email alert. When the goods moved, the updated status will be sent to you shortly. Take advantage of that.

Top 10 International Airports in China

In international air transport, there are standard short name of each airport created by IATA. The airport short name is formed by three capitalized letters for easy recognition.

PEK – Beijing Capital International Airport
HKG – Hongkong International Airport
CAN – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CA/QR/TK/EY/MS/NH to Middle East and Africa)
PVG – Shanghai Pudong International Airport
SHA – Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
CTU – Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
SZX – Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (CA/HU/CZ/MU to Europe and North America)
KMG – Kunming Changshui International Airport
XIY – Xi’an Xianyang International Airport
HGH – Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Oulian supply Chain covers all major airports in China with cheap prices. Depends on where’s your shipment located, and the available schedules to your destination, We can provide the best price to you from SHENZHEN /GUANGZHOU ,also If you want to choose the more faster flight , We can quote you the best price which departed from Hongkong . We’ll choose the best suitable one for you as your loading airport. We rely on qualified partner carriers that are committed to providing safe, efficient and on-time service to importers across the world.

Main Airlines’ Shipping Routes

1. Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
BR, CA, CZ, FM, GA, KE, MH, SQ, MU, BI, NX, NZ, PR, QF, TG, UO, 5X, ZH, AI, VN, 9W


2. South Asia, Middle East and Africa
EK, EY, ZP, MU, SU, PR, CA, UW, CX, QR, MH, CZ, SV, TG, TK, BI, SQ, AI, GA, BA, HU, 9W, W5, ZH, ET


3. Europe
CZ, MU, CA, BA, KL(MP), UPS, RU, Y8, GD, EK, SV, CX, EY, KE, OZ, JL, TK, AY, SU, LX, TG, ZP, QR, BI, HU, MH, ZH, 6U


4. America
MU, F4, BR, QF, Y8, UPS, PO, SQ, CX, KE, OZ, JL, UA, AA, CO, AC, AM, HU, BA, LX, EK, PR, CZ


We understand that the products we are going to forward are urgent, high-value, time-sensitive or perishable.

What we are trying to do is deliver your shipments as early as possible, and make the process smoothly with a competitive air shipment quote. Whether airport to airport, or airport to door, you can rely on us.

Which routes of airfreight service can we provide it to you ? 

European air freight service

African air freight service

Brazilian air freight service

American air freight service