Export procedures for milk powder products export to China

- Jul 30, 2018-

Milk powder importation:

Milk powder import including 2 kinds: Infants and adults.

For Infant milk power, our country has more strict requirements on testing, ingredient and formula, other requirements are the same as adults milk powder. 

Each brand milk powder product must be approved by CNCA authentication in the exporting  manufacturing country.

CNCA sample as below: 


For more details, please refer to http://www.cnca.gov.cn

Below are the general import operation process:

1. The customer provides samples (each milk powder: 7-10 cans) to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for ingredients testing purpose.

2. The milk powder exporter provides the artwork for product label, the design of  product translation between English and Chinese, the label of Chinese Ingredients for approval.

2. Importer provides the relevant company certificate and contact information for registration purpose, when import contracts was duly signed, we will arrange window to window service to follow up the whole importation services.

3. Product label approval and import company qualification approval by China authority bureau .

4. Customer provides sales contracts, Commercial invoices, Packing lists, relevant official certificates and original documents in advance .

5. Make shipment to China designated port.

6. We will apply for milk powder importing certificate (automatic import license) according to the information provided by our customer.

7. Upon arrival of the goods, we start to go through all the necessary import process with shipping company, inspection bureau, China customs, bonded warehouse.

8. Once the cargo was released by China Customs and import duty was paid, the goods is requested to deliver to bonded warehouse for re-label/sticker process and make ingredients sample testing.

9. We will to send the sample milk powder to the commodity inspection bureau  officials for sample testing purpose.

10. When Commodity Inspection Bureau approved the sample test. They will issue a   health certificate to allow the goods can be sold and used in the consumer’s market.


11. We arrange truck to pick up the goods and send to the requested destination.


The importer of milk powder provided information:

1. Packing list, Commercial invoice, Signed sales contract.

2. Bill of Lading  (guarantee letter is required if its surrendered BL).

3. Original certificate of origin and certificate of sanitary from exporting country.

4. Packing date certificate (production date certificates).

5. Ingredients analysis form (manufacturer provide).

6. Full item analysis report ( issued by third country).

7. Original foreign language label ( each different product requires each one) .