fumigation certificate application

- May 17, 2018-

Similarly, the fumigation certification is also an indispensable document in international trading, in order to prevent the shipment of goods without fumigation certificate bring some bacteria on boards and wooden trays, which will cause biological invasion to other countries.

The fumigation certificate application is the proof that wooden packing materials used in international sea freight shipping such as wooden pallets and crates, wood, wool etc have been fumigated or Sterilized prior the international shipment.

The fumigation certificate application is NOT a mandatory international shipping export document. However, it assists in quarantine clearance of an international sea freight shipment. If a fumigation certificate application is not presented or incomplete, then additional costs related to fumigation may occur.


If the factory is NOT located in the port city, the fumigation needs to be performed at the local factory

1. Apply to the local commodity inspection bureau for inspection within 7-8 days in advance

2. Provide the packing list, invoice, contract, and inspection declaration to the Commodity Inspection Bureau

3. Make an appointment with the Commodity Inspection Bureau

4. The factory needs to provide fumigation sites

5. After fumigation, ask for fumigation proof

6. Payment

If the factory is located in the port city, the fumigation can be commissioned by the shipping company agent

1. Provide the packing list, invoices, contracts, and inspection declaration to the shipping company

2. Application for inspection by ship agent

3. The fumigation certificate is handed with other documents to the shipping company

4. Payment


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