Import customs agent in Shenzhen

- May 17, 2018-

Our company has 20 years’ experience in the import customs clearance business, hundreds times of professional import customs clearance, logistics professional import services, to save money, save time, save worry for customers!

Import and export right agent

We provides import and export rights agents to provide convenient and quick business support for importing businesses that do not have import and export rights. Shenzhen is the most important port city in South of China. The daily import and export volume is very large. If you ask for import service from Shenzhen but do not have the authority to import customs clearance, our company is your best choice.

Oulian supply chain provides import customs agent in Shenzhen customs clearance, to help you solve the problems.

Professional advantages in customs agent, more peace of mind

Oulian has mature operating mechanism, abundant cases, and good customs relationship; we deal with Shenzhen customs all year round. We have a wealth of social connections and can handle your goods for the first time. We are the model for the import agent industry.

Dedicated import services, more confidence

The company specializes in import services, does not participate in actual trade, and upholds the service concept of “marrying for others” so that customers can focus on market development and marketing.