International documentation guidance

- May 17, 2018-

International documentation guidance is one part of documentation settlement service of Oulian company. It aims to assist customers to know documents preparation in detail in international trading.

If you want to have business with foreigners, that you need to read this guidance. Our Oulian company plays a role as a bridge in international trading, linking foreign customers with China local customers with the aim of promoting the bilateral trade.


In order to achieve a cooperative relationship between the two parties, the documents needed to provide as follow:

Contract, bill of lading, company business license, insurance policy, details of the goods, Letter of Credit (if necessary).

We will communicate and negotiate with each other, translating corresponding documents, and at the same time take consideration into positions of both parties to achieve a win-win situation.

If there are disputes between the two parties during the cooperation, we will step in to solve the problem and minimize conflicts that will allow the cooperation to continue and maybe they will have more opportunities for further cooperation in the future.

We can also help in documents preparation such as purchasing contracts, invoices, packing list, transportation commission, insurance policy and so on.

Common questions in International Trading

There are two kinds of common problems in barter:

1. Contract approval issues. Whether the contract is approved or not is valid, so signing the contract must ensure the validity of the contract.

2. Controversy over the quantity and quality of goods. In the barter trade, enterprises should preserve the relevant documents, such as quality inspection certificates and transport documents.

Trading Risk Prevention:

1. Use FOB price and require buyer to arrange transportation and insurance

2. Negotiating documents for letters of credit are jointly signed list of goods

3. Establish a penalty for breach of contract