L/C content

- May 15, 2018-

(1) a description of the letter of credit itself. Such as its type, nature, validity period and place of expiry.

(2) the requirements for the goods. It is described in accordance with the contract.

(3) the demand for transportation.

(4) the requirements for documents, namely, cargo documents, transport documents, insurance documents and other relevant documents.

(5) special requirements.

(6) the issuing bank's obligation to guarantee payment to the beneficiary and the holder of the draft.

(7) most of the foreign certificates are added: "except for the other provisions, this certificate is handled in accordance with the International Chamber of Commerce" the unified practice of Documentary Letters of credit of the International Chamber of Commerce "(" UCP600 "), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). "

(8) t/t reimbursement clause.

The three principle of letter of credit:

1. The independent abstract principle of the letter of credit transaction;

Two. The principle of strict compliance with the letter of credit;

Three, the principle of fraud exception of letter of credit.