Logistic Warehousing services

- May 17, 2018-

Warehouse service refers to the custodian to store the stockpile delivered by the depositor and receive a storage fee paid by the depositor. Warehousing is one of the main functions of international logistics, transportation and warehousing are two major functions of international logistics.

Logistics warehousing services is the use of self-built or leased warehouses, sites, storage, loading, handling, and distribution of goods. Logistics warehousing services is a key link in modern logistics systems and plays an important role in connection, transit and storage.

The efficient and reasonable warehouse services of Dongguan Oulian Supply Chain Management Company can help manufacturers to speed up the flow of materials, reduce costs, ensure the smooth progress of production, and can achieve effective control and management of resources.

The company self-owned  inland container provide a good condition to avoid the raining; Water-stained and theft that can ensure the goods be intact when enter or leave the warehouse.

Oulian Supply Chain maintains an extensive, well-equipped fleet and secure warehouses across China. We can deliver total logistics warehouse management services for any project, any size, wherever your business takes you.