Regional division of air transport

- May 15, 2018-

This refers to the division of air transport business area by IATA Shanghai strong standard airlift. IATA divides the world into three large areas, and each district is divided into several districts.

The IATA1 area includes all the southern, North American continent and its adjacent islands (Greenland, Bermuda, West Indies and Caribbean islands and the Hawaii archipelago). The area is further divided into three districts: the central the Atlantic region, the North Atlantic area and the southern the Atlantic district.

The IATA2 area includes all the European and its adjacent islands, all of Africa and its adjacent islands, and the western region of Asia including Iran. The area has been divided into three districts, namely, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The IATA3 area includes all the Asian regions and its adjacent islands except the IATA2 zone; Australia, New Zealand and its adjacent islands; and the Pacific Islands except the IATA1 zone

The IATA3 area is further divided into sub subregions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Pacific, Japan and North Korea. People's Republic of China and Hongkong, Taiwan, and the eastern part of Ural mountain are all located in the sub region of Southeast Asia in IATA3 district.

IATA has fully taken into account the social, economic and trade situations in different parts of the world in formulating tariff regulations and relevant regulations. So this division is not exactly the same as geographical division.