Shipping Documents Preparation Under Goods Warranty

- May 17, 2018-

What Oulian provide documentation settlement services, is to help the customer to processing the file in international trading. The shipping documents preparation under goods warranty means that the documents you need to prepare if the goods have warranty.

We will got a short overview of meeting customer expectations when considering what kind of documents to offer to customers under goods warranty when in international trading.

Document Preparation

To complete a perfect international trading, a complete set of document production is necessary, it can help customers save a lot of time and improve efficiency. Whereas, it is very likely that you will provide it in the future, and it will take you a lot of time and affect the efficiency of the import and export, even affect the company's profits.

So let Oulian help you with the document production section. Our documentation settlement services not only can it be highly efficient, but it can be completed. There is no need to worry about the absence of documents. (The premise is the customers provide us with the correct information.)


Our company provide document service for customers under goods warranty:

1.Clearance Documents Preparation:

Help the customer to prepare the full set of documents for customs clearance, such as: invoices, packing lists, contracts, duplicate bill of lading and other tax reduction certificate. Then apply for import goods to customs in the customers’ country when documents are prepared.

2.Declaration Documents Preparation:

Assist the customer to prepare a series of documents for customs declaration. When entering or exiting customs, we declare and submit the required documents and certificates, such as: customs declaration for imports and exports, goods license, commodity inspection certificate, invoices, packing lists, contracts, and other declaration documents.


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