warehouse security service

- May 17, 2018-

Warehouse service refers to the custodian to store the stockpile delivered by the depositor and receive a storage fee paid by the depositor. Warehousing is one of the main functions of international logistics, transportation and warehousing are two major functions of international logistics.

Dongguan Oulian Supply Chain Management Company, who is counted amidst the leading Service Providers of Warehouse Security Services aims to provide professional warehouse services for customers. We have a relatively high performance-to-price ratio in the industry.

Our Warehouse security guards are a perfect way of perfectly protecting your prized assets and property with larger premises, such as warehouses and distribution centers, traditional security services are somewhat limited, and usually covering all points is not possible due to its layout and size. But, we can offer a variety of warehouse security solutions to suit your security needs, including :

(1) Gatehouse Services : allowing only authorized members complete access.

(2) Mobile Security Patrols : efficiently guarding your premises every hour on the hour, our security guards will patrol all access and egress points to ensure the site is free from intrusion.

(3) Self-contained complete fire hydrant facility: guarantee to minimize risk in emergencies.

(4) Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV): Monitor Room and Monitor Probe can shoot the warehouses without dead ends within 24 hours to ensure cargo safety.