Warehouse storage service

- May 17, 2018-

One of the most important element of international logistics is warehouse storage service. The proper warehouse storage and tracking of inventory ensures that delivery times are met and asset management costs are reduced. With the widest network, the best of cargo movement facilities and several value added services to choose from, Oulian is one of the preferred distribution solution provider today.


We can offer our customers flexible storage option with excellent warehousing facility. Our warehousing facilities are completely equipped to handle bulk cargo including various other requirements such as Break bulk .

Our warehouse storage service is also capable of handling cargo that is in units, packages, crates, bags and much more. Well guarded and spacious, our warehouse service provides complete safety of the goods. Keeping the goods intact to any kind of damage.


We provide the right warehouse storage service solutions for your business :

1. Fast delivery time.

2. Online track to trace your cargo.

3. In transit services including making pallet, stick labels, change barcode, change package materials.

4. Computerized inventory management control.

5. Kitting, pick, pack and ship.

6. Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and quality control.

7. Strict security work to ensure the safe storage of goods.