A Theoretical Study Of Supply Chain Service

- May 15, 2018-

1. the research on service supply chain has started since 2000, and the research is still at an immature stage. LisaM.Ellram, an American scholar, published the understanding and management service supply chain in 2004, marking the beginning of the service supply chain. The research on the application of service supply chain has begun to be carried out. The focus of the discussion is in the fields of property services, tourism services and logistics services.

2. in the study of the property service supply chain, Chen Xiaofeng, a scholar, thinks that supply chain management is mainly used in manufacturing and retailing, and hardly involves property services. On the basis of the analysis of the characteristics of the property service, the characteristics of the supply chain of the property service are put forward. It is considered that the supply chain of the property service is a chain structure with the main body of the property service provider, the property service provider and the owner. He also proposed the goal of the property service supply chain and the business strategy of the property integrator. In fact, his research perspective has been more focused on the relationship between the various members of the supply chain of the property service, but his research is still at the conceptual level and has not been explored in depth.

3. in the study of the tourism service supply chain, Zhang Yingzi pointed out that the tourism service portfolio is actually a service supply chain provided by a system of labor division and collaboration to tourists. The concept of supply chain management corresponds to the characteristics of tourism service system.