A Theoretical Study Of Supply Chain Service-1

- May 15, 2018-

4. in the research of logistics service supply chain, Tian Yu believes that its basic structure is the suppliers of integrated logistics service providers, integrated logistics service providers, manufacturing and retail enterprises, and the suppliers of integrated logistics service providers refer to the traditional functional logistics enterprises, such as transportation enterprises and warehousing enterprises, and so on. Its service functions are single, standard, and the business is often limited to a certain region, and the integrated logistics service provider absorbs as a supplier in the construction of a national or even global service network.

5. in addition, Shen Chenglin believes that the logistics service supply chain is a new supply chain with integrated logistics service providers as the core enterprise, and its role is to provide a full range of logistics services for the logistics demand side. The most obvious feature of integrated logistics service providers is to select suitable functional logistics enterprises through service subcontracting to serve the logistics demand side.

Yang Mingming put forward the port service supply chain. He believes that the port service supply chain is different from the typical manufacturing supply chain, and there is no manufacturing link in the service supply chain. It is the core enterprise of the leading supply chain based on service enterprises. The port supply chain refers to the integration of all kinds of service providers and customers with the port as the core enterprise, and the correct number of goods are delivered to the right place at the right time to realize the lowest cost of the system. All kinds of service providers rely on ports but are also independent of ports. They are port service providers and have their own profit targets economically.