Freight Calculation Of Sea Freight

- May 15, 2018-

(BASIS/UNIT FOR FREIGHT CALCULATION): usually according to the weight of the goods; according to the size or size of the goods; according to the weight or size of the goods, we choose to charge the higher freight for the freight; a certain percentage as a fee according to the FOB price of the goods. The fee is called the bargaining.

(1) select the relevant price book;

(2) according to the name of the goods, the freight calculation standard (BASIS) and grade (CLASS) are found in the cargo classification table.

(3) find the corresponding routes in the basic rate section of the rating scale, the port of departure, the destination port, and the basic freight rates according to the grade.

(4) the additional items and amount (or percentage) and all kinds of currencies should be found out from the surcharge.

(5) calculate the actual freight rate according to the basic freight rate and surcharge;

(6) freight = freight X freight tons