Future Trend Of Supply Chain Service

- May 15, 2018-

In view of the fact that the definition and basic framework of service supply chain have not yet had a clear conclusion, it is an important trend for future research to further clarify the concept, structure model and connotation of service supply chain and lay the foundation for the systematic study of the basic theory of service supply chain.

The research of product supply chain has been relatively mature, and the basic theories of supply chain have been greatly developed. As the service supply chain is very different from the product supply chain, it will become a trend to strengthen the research on the basic theory of service supply chain operation by combining the characteristics of the service supply chain and applying the related theory of the supply chain to the service supply chain. This trend includes the following points:

1. excellent service supply chain plays an important role in service performance, and the design of the service supply chain and the choice of partners as the important work of the service supply chain operation management. It has both the commonness and the opposite sex of the product supply chain, which will become one of the important trends of the research.

2. as the service product has a certain invisibility, the research will further focus on the control of service agreement and quality of service in the service supply chain, especially the quality supervision and quality control of the service supply chain under asymmetric information.