Future Trend Of Supply Chain Service-2

- May 15, 2018-

3. because of the great influence of subjective factors in the evaluation of service supply chain, the index system and measurement of service supply chain performance evaluation will be one of the most important research contents.

The research on the transmission, control and implementation of service capacity in 4. service supply chain will also be actively discussed. For example, the problem of the bullwhip effect of service capacity has been actively carried out, but the research only focuses on some special industries, and there is no universal research.

Because the service supply chain involves more service industries, the actual characteristics of different service industries are different. Therefore, two kinds of tidal currents will be formed in the study. One is to carry out common research on service supply chain in different industries and build a general model on this basis; the other is to carry out systematic research on service supply chain for different service industries, for example, logistics service industry, combined with industry characteristics, so as to better guide the practice of industry.