Happy Lantern Festival

- Feb 19, 2019-


Today is our first festival after the Chinese New Year, we call it Lantern Festival (Lunar year Jan 15th).


On this special day, the whole family people will sit together at a round table and enjoy a nice   dinner, we call it “family reunion”, the typical food we will eat is the round sweet dumplings,  round means reunion, sweet sugar inside the dumplings means family getting together is a kind of sweet, While Some families when they make the sweet dumplings, they will put one or two money coins inside the sweet dumplings, who eats the money coin will be the best luck in the new year and everybody will congratulate him/her.


We also used to hang up the red lanterns at each gate of your houses to light up the happy feeling atmosphere on this special day, kids like to hold the light charged lanterns in hands and play around with laugh and chase, they also visit other families and say new year greetings each other. The whole festival is full of happy and enjoy.


According to the Chinese culture, we consider the Chinese New Year holiday is over and people will start a new year’s work and plans.


We wish all our esteemed customers and friends a great happy lantern festival!!

--- Oulian supply chain team