Preventive Measures For Shipping Expenses

- May 15, 2018-

In the conclusion of the contract of carriage of goods by sea, the carrier should make a favourable clause to the maritime risk and transfer it to the owner. The present-day prepaid freight prepayment has many expressions, such as "when the bill of lading is issued", "the time of shipment of the goods", "when the ship is sailing", or for a period of time specified after such events have occurred. At a specified time, freight should be paid to the ship, even if there is no, if the goods are lost in the way of transportation, they can no longer reach the destination. The debtor who is in arrears with the freight is still obliged to pay the freight to the creditor. In the above several ways, the carrier's risk is under the terms of "ship sailing time". It's bigger than a few of the previous cases. In a period of time specified after "the time of bill of lading" or "ship sailing", the risk of the carrier is greater than that of "when the bill of lading is issued" and "when the ship is sailing". In the case of "after the bill of lading" and "after the ship's Voyage" designated for a period of time, the time of the payment of the freight should be made as long as the bill of lading is issued or the ship is opened, as we can see that many port channels are often deep, limited in width or with dangerous objects, such as Shanghai port and Antwerp port. Rotterdam port, Hamburg Port, and so on, their waterways are very complex, and the exchange of many ships, it is difficult to say at this time the risk is smaller than the sea.

If only from the first point of view, the risk of the ship under the prepaid freight is small, so if we know the condition of the voyage charterer's credit, we can use the prepaid freight way as far as possible or take the prepaid part and pay part of the way in order to reduce the risk of charging freight. If the freight is paid or partially prepaid and partly paid, because the ship is liable to receive the risk of receiving freight, the ship can deliver a certain premium through insurance to guarantee the right to charge the freight, especially when the specific voyage takes a large risk. The ship should be insured.