Similarities And Differences Of Supply Chain

- May 15, 2018-

The service supply chain has the same characteristics as the product supply chain. For example, the background of the service supply chain is due to the specialization trend and the development of the core competitiveness, which makes the outsourcing become inevitable; the main management content is carried out around supply, planning, logistics, demand and so on. The management goal is to meet the established service level and the total system cost. Minimum integration content includes business integration, relationship integration, information integration and incentive mechanism integration.

However, the service supply chain also has the characteristics that are different from the nature of the product supply chain. The difference between the two is mainly from the essential difference between the service product and the manufactured product. The service product has six characteristics different from the manufacturing product, namely, customer influence, untouchability, inseparable, heterogeneous, perishable and labor intensive. The existence of these features makes the service supply chain need more short supply chain channels in structure, the typical structure is the functional service provider - service integrator - customer; more market driven mode is used in the operation mode, with the characteristics of a fully reactive supply chain, and more of the main content of supply chain coordination. In terms of stability, the stability of service supply chain is low, first of all due to the instability of the final customer. Secondly, the heterogeneous customer service demand makes the service providers choose the service providers in time to adjust and adjust as the demand changes.